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BMW Testimonials

2013 BMW 530d M Sport

What We Say "Our client didn’t have time to sell his car privately. We acted on his behalf, selling it as an intermediary for £27,500 to a private buyer who travelled 150 miles to collect. £3,000 more than We Buy Any Car offered."

What They Say "I am a pilot so working unruly hours whilst most are off made it very difficult to be able to sell the car privately myself for the price I wanted. Wisely SOLD was the perfect solution and got me £3,000 more!"

Sebastian,  SW London | 2013 BMW 530d M Sport
SAVED over £2,000 after our fee

2003 BMW 320Ci SE Coupe

What We Say "Able to help in ANY situation, we jumped at the opportunity to help Sam sell his 13 year old BMW, which had seen better days. We advised him of the pitfalls of accepting an 'instant' online offer, and found him a very close alternative offer, without any deductions being made due to the car's condition."

What They Say "Thanks so much for your exemplary help!"

Sam,  N London | 2003 BMW 320Ci SE Coupe

BMW 320d SE Saloon

What We Say "Jason reached out to us for assistance purchasing a BMW. We compiled a list of potential cars, ran comprehensive background checks and were on hand to mediate the purchase of a suitable car privately, all within a day. We also prevented the purchase of a car with telltale signs of serious accident damage!"

What They Say "Thank you for all your help, from start to finish your car specialist was fantastic, knowledgable, and saved me from buying a lemon!"

Jason,  Datchet | BMW 320d SE Saloon
STOPPED our client from wasting thousands on a 'lemon'

2014 BMW 328i M Sport Saloon

What We Say "Peter was referred to us when he needed to sell his car after moving to London and no longer requiring it. He was in negative equity, but with our help we managed to reduce this as much as possible. The sale was completed within a week, with no hassle, leaving Peter better off than if he'd sold the car back to the supplying dealer."

What They Say "Great communication throughout and achieved the highest price. Very easy to deal with, no complicated processes and the car was sold super quick. Thank you!"

Peter,  Kingston | 2014 BMW 328i M Sport Saloon
ACHIEVED a quick sale and got a higher return than at a dealer

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

What We Say "A four hundred mile round trip didn't stop us from returning Hugh £500 more than he was offered in part exchange from his local BMW dealership where he originally bought his M4. We collected within 48 hours and left Hugh to find his next car as a cash buyer"

What They Say "I wish to thank you for a very professional service throughout, and for the better price than what I was offered as part exchange. I will definitely use you again. Thank you"

Hugh,  Wales | 2014 BMW M4 Coupe
RECEIVED £500 more than from their local BMW dealership in part exchange

2014 BMW 320i M Sport Touring

What We Say "Referred to us by a member of her family, Danielle chose to sell her car to us after receiving a favourable offer through our online valuation form. "

What They Say "Made a good offer, clear process and instructions, efficiently executed. It was all very straightforward, no hassle, excellent service"

Danielle,  Hampstead, London | 2014 BMW 320i M Sport Touring

2015 BMW i3 Range Extender

What We Say "This BMW i3 owner had a change in circumstances and needed a quick sale of their i3. Wisely SOLD agreed to buy it for a great price and collected it the same day, with instant payment and no stress."

What They Say "May I just say what a pleasure it was do deal with such a pleasant, honest straightforward company. Such a difference from what we have all come to expect from car buyers /dealers. Thank you so much for making the whole transaction a pleasure. "

Gary,  Birmingham | 2015 BMW i3 Range Extender
Car collected and paid for within 12 hours of initial contact

2015 BMW 520d M Sport Touring

What We Say "A returning customer, we offered Richard a better price than he was offered in part exchange against a new car purchase with free collection and no quibbling over scuffed wheels!"

What They Say "A good price offered for my car, (better than trade in from a dealer). Hassle free collection and bank transfer. I would not hesitate to recommend this company."

Richard,  Guildford | 2015 BMW 520d M Sport Touring
RECEIVED more than part exchange price

2017 BMW i3 94Ah

What We Say "We were delighted to assist Ken after he reached out to us through the BMW i3 UK Facebook group. Free collection and instant payment made straight into his account. Thanks Ken!"

What They Say "I just sold my car to Wisely SOLD and they made it an absolutely brilliant selling experience! Don’t just accept your dealers part exchange offer - especially if you have an electric or or PHEV car to sell - call Wisely SOLD for a fair and honest price, a"

Kenneth,  Leeds | 2017 BMW i3 94Ah
RECEIVED £1,000 more than dealer's part exchange offer

2015 BMW i3 60Ah Range Extender

What We Say "Richard contacted us via Facebook looking to sell his BMW i3. We were able to offer him more than he had been offered by a BMW main dealer in part exchange, facilitated a quick and easy purchase with instant payment and assisted with all DVLA formalities"

Richard,  Tonbridge | 2015 BMW i3 60Ah Range Extender

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