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How to start? With a website!

How to start? With a website!

For months things have been brewing here at Wisely SOLD, and we’re incredibly pleased to kick things off later this week with the launch of our brand new website.

We've been working closely with Jacit in Nottingham who have worked their magic to deliver a site that's swish, contemporary and informative. The site does a great job of explaining who we are / what we offer, and we look forward to sharing it with all our clients, both existing and new!

The website is just one of many exciting new things that 2016 brings for us. Our snazzy new logo is already in full swing and our credit card integration via PayPal is making payment a breeze for our clients. We’re even looking at expanding the team, with (London) recruitment starting in July.

Let us know your thoughts on the new website. And don’t forget, it pays to spread the love - more on our Wisely SOLD Referral Scheme very soon!

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