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HOW TO: Replace A Smashed Vanity Mirror On A BMW M4

HOW TO: Replace A Smashed Vanity Mirror On A BMW M4

Due to a design oversight, it is a well known issue amongst M4 owners for the mirrors in the sunvisors to shatter unexpectedly. This seemingly mysterious occurance happens when the front seats are folded forward to allow passenger access to the back seats. If a seat is in a certain position before being folding forward, the top of the headrest rubs against the closed sunvisor as it folds. Often this impact can cause the fragile mirror glass within the sunvisor to shatter.

Whilst very annoying, luckily the repair can easily be done at home saving you the time and labour costs of visiting a BMW serivce centre! Here's a step by step guide to help you along the way.


You will need:

  • A flathead screwdriver or plying tool

  • A size 25 Torx bit (T25)

  • Replacement sunvisor (£90)

  • About 15 minutes 


  1. Pop off the plastic flap at the base of the sunvisor using a flathead screwdriver or plying tool:

  2. Using a T25 bit screwdriver, unscrew the bolt and place to one side:

  3. Manipulate the base of the sunvisor until the electrical connections become exposed. Don’t let the visor hang by the wires as this could lead to them breaking - either hold it in place or keep the other side of the sunvisor clipped into place:

  4. Disconnect the wires. Check where to disconnect by comparing the new wiring on the replacement visor. We found that using leverage rather than brute force made disconnecting much easier.

  5. Put the broken sunvisor to one side, attach the electrical connectors of the new visor and clip the other side of the visor into place to ensure it does not hang by the electrical cables:

  6. Before proceeding any further, open the mirror cover to check that the vanity light illuminates.

  7. Gently work the electrical components back into the body of the car and manipulate the base of the visor into place.

  8. Replace the previously removed screw and tighten using the Torx screwdriver. Once tightened, click the plastic cover back into place.

That's it! We hope this guide has been useful and please remember to take care when folding your seats to avoid having to replace again!  



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