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Record Breaking Tesla Roadster Heads To Auction

Record Breaking Tesla Roadster Heads To Auction

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have entered a limited edition Tesla Roadster 'Signature 250' into the next Coys Auction, held at the Paris Motor Show - Mondial de l'Automobile on 8th October 2016. Being offered to market for the first time since it was originally sold by Tesla Motors in August 2009, this is a unique opportunity for someone to purchase one of the most important cars in Tesla's European history - VIN #000002.





Having been unveiled in Santa Monica in summer 2006 the first US car was delivered in February of 2008 to none other than the CEO of Tesla - Elon Musk. By the summer of 2009, 500 vehicles had been produced and sold.

The Tesla Roadster broke new ground for electric cars being the first electric production car to be able to travel over 200 miles on one charge as well as having an impressive history in electric car records winning multiple awards, challenges and rallies which focus on alternative energy. In October 2009 it set the record for the furthest traveled by an electric car on a single charge, achieving a total of 311 miles across the Australian outback. Then, in March 2010 it became the first car to win the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally as well as becoming the first electric car to win a FIA sanctioned championship with former F1 driver Erik Comas behind the wheel.


Tesla Roadster Interior Tesla Roadster Alloy Wheel


Thanks in part to the heavy involvement of sports car manufacturer 'Lotus', the Tesla Roadster delivers sports car handling and performance that rivals that of most super cars. The car is capable of reaching 62mph in less than 4 seconds thanks to the instant full torque available, unique to an electric motor. The Tesla Roadster was built from 2008 through to 2012 and although highly successful in its own right, acted as a test bed for future Tesla models. Around 2,400 Roadsters were made in total and they were sold in over 30 different countries.


Why Paris?

In March 2010 a Tesla Roadster set off from the Geneva Motor Show on an around-the-world trip to showcase how practical and useable electric cars can be. On September 28th 2010 the Tesla completed its final 'around the world' mile as it pulled into Paris, just in time for the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

With this in mind, we are absolutely delighted that Coys Auctions have chosen the 2016 Paris Motor Show to showcase and offer the car - exactly 6 years after Tesla made history at the same venue and proved that electric cars are to be the future.

Tesla Roadster Signature 250



According to VIN records, SFZRE2B13A3000002 is the second official Europe-destined Tesla Roadster and was the first car to be delivered in the UK from the Tesla Motors showroom in Cheval Place, London on 6th August 2009. VIN #000001, traced to a red car residing in Scandinavia, wasn't registered until October 2009. Photos of the car confirm a lack of 'Signature 250' plaques on both the interior and exterior of the car and it remains unclear why it was registered so much later than VIN #000002 and not graced with the limited 'Signature 250' status.

Tesla Roadster SFZRE2B13A3000002 Tesla Roadster SFZRE2B13A3000002

The conclusion we have reached after heavy research is that VIN #00001 was likely held back by Tesla Motors as a multi purpose European testing / prototype / launch car. Although there is no way to confirm this, it is likely that it is the red car used in early European publicity photos, as well as the car that was present at the opening of the Tesla showroom in London, visible in this AutoCar article (with VIN #000002 visible in the background, awaiting collection).

After 3 months of promotional / testing use, it's likely the car was registered via Ferdinand Motors in Scandinavia, either as a demonstrator or as a private car, before it began taking part in 'Zero Rally' events with Ferdinand Motors livery. Data from its latest 'EU-Kontroll' test, completed February 2016, suggests it has covered in excess of 50,000 km.

Tesla Roadster Signature 250


Regardless of the somewhat mysterious story surrounding the first car, VIN #000002 is a hugely significant vehicle in Tesla’s history - registered and delivered before VIN #000001, and sold directly to a customer as an official 'Signature 250' limited edition car.


Tesla Roadster Signature 250



Tesla Roadster Signature 250


Having covered just 1,780 miles since being first registered, this left-hand-drive example is presented in unmarked Stirling Silver and benefits from a carbon-fibre interior, full leather upholstery, reverse camera and upgraded Kenwood entertainment system. The car has received regular maintenance by its first and only owner, with its most recent visit to Tesla Motors in September 2015 at 1,751 miles and a replacement battery pack fitted in May 2012. Prior to auction, the car was given a health check and received an MOT, which it passed with flying colours.

The auction will be held on the 8th October 2016 and further information can be found at www.coys.co.uk.




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