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Most people want to avoid the stress and hassle of selling privately – not to mention the financial risk. So they either accept a below-market offer from a dealer in part exchange, or sell to an online car buying service.

The problem is, you never get the best deal. If you part exchange, your car usually goes to auction where it's sold to the trade, who then sell it on again. Before long, the car you received £13,000 for is up for sale again at £18,000.

And the online services that promise to ‘buy any car’ are the same. It might seem easy to type in your number plate and get an instant price, but these few clicks come at a cost – the volume of enquiries they deal with means they can’t appraise each car manually on a case-by-base basis.

Instead, they automate the process by using computers and ‘algorithms’. These are geared to give conservative figures that don’t take into account all the little things that can make a big difference – such as a sunroof, four new tyres, or a particular colour that sells far better than others.

Even if you are happy with the ‘guaranteed’ price supplied by these websites, all too often this figure is reduced heavily on the day due to hidden fees and deductions for ‘imperfections’ on your car, leaving you no better off than a part exchange.

The convenience of part exchange with the benefits of a private sale…

Wisely SOLD recognise that for the reasons above (and for many others) car selling is seen by many as an unbearable challenge, so we’re re-writing the book on how things should work. And we’re saving our customers thousands.

We take the time to carefully consider the specification and condition of each customer’s car on a case-by-case basis. Once we’ve filled in any gaps and researched the market place, we use our wealth of contacts within the trade to ensure that we have secured the strongest price the market can offer before returning to you with our best offer.

This manual, old-school process takes a touch more time but results in a more accurate price and a far more personal level of customer service.

Our friendly and experienced team prides itself on being able to help in any situation - whether its a 12 year old Golf or a 12 month Range Rover, a bereavement in the family or just a new car arriving shortly, Wisely SOLD are truly able to assist with selling any car in any situation.

No more stress and hassle.
Let us find you the best deal today…

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"Thanks again for such an easy process. You made this super easy - thank you."

2016 Tesla Model S 60

Max,  Fulham

2016 Tesla Model S 60

"I just sold my car to Wisely SOLD and they made it an absolutely brilliant selling experience! Don’t just accept your dealers part exchange offer - especially if you have an electric or or PHEV car to sell - call Wisely SOLD for a fair and honest price, a"

2017 BMW i3 94Ah

Kenneth,  Leeds

2017 BMW i3 94Ah

RECEIVED £1,000 more than dealer's part exchange offer

"A good price offered for my car, (better than trade in from a dealer). Hassle free collection and bank transfer. I would not hesitate to recommend this company."

2015 BMW 520d M Sport Touring

Richard,  Guildford

2015 BMW 520d M Sport Touring

RECEIVED more than part exchange price

"May I just say what a pleasure it was do deal with such a pleasant, honest straightforward company. Such a difference from what we have all come to expect from car buyers /dealers. Thank you so much for making the whole transaction a pleasure. "

2015 BMW i3 Range Extender

Gary,  Birmingham

2015 BMW i3 Range Extender

Car collected and paid for within 12 hours of initial contact

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