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Tired of being messed around? Just leave it to us…

Wisely SOLD is an innovating new car buying service based in London. We're transforming the age-old way people sell their cars and will help you get more money for your car with less hassle.

No more losing money on part exchange, selling at knockdown rates to online services or navigating the minefield of private sales. Let our friendly, experienced staff do the hard work and show you how refreshingly simple our service is in just 3 easy steps!

About Us

Hassle-Free Service

A friendly, simple and safe service.

Highest Prices Paid

On average, we pay £1,500 more than online services.

Free Valuation

Our valuations are completely free and non-binding.

1 Tick A Few Boxes

Pop your car's details into our simple valuation form. It's super easy and takes less than 3 minutes.

2 Pop The Kettle On

We take the time to assess and value each car manually to ensure we're getting back to you with the very best price the market can offer. Give us 24 hours to work our magic.

3 Show Me The Money!

Happy with the price and want to go a head? Simply let us know within 7 days of receiving your quote to arrange collection from your home or work. We'll take care of all the DVLA formalities and payment will reach you securley before we drive off.

Why use Wisely SOLD?

Transparent Fee

Unlike some online buying services, we don't hide any admin or bank transfer fees in our small print. The price we quote you already has out £199 flat fee deducted, so there's no nasty surprises.

Quick Sale

We recognise that time is often of great importance. All our quotes are sent within 24 hours and collection can usually be arrange within a few days.

Hassle Free

From filling in our simple form, to handing over the keys, we keep things as easy and stress free as possible.

Friendly, Experienced Staff

Behind our website is a team of friendly and knowledgable staff who are dedicated to offering excellent customer service.


"Using Wisely SOLD made the sale of my car so easy and I know I received the best money I could have - it's a great service!"

2012 Range Rover Sport HSE

Sam,  NW London

2012 Range Rover Sport HSE

IMPROVEMENT of £1,000 on main dealer PX offer

"The service was quick, easy and got us a great price for our car. Everything was managed in a very slick and professional manner. I honestly don't think the service could be improved!"

2014 Mercedes Benz S350 AMG Line

Claire,  London

2014 Mercedes Benz S350 AMG Line

RECEIVED £3,000 more than main dealer offered

"I am a pilot so working unruly hours whilst most are off made it very difficult to be able to sell the car privately myself for the price I wanted. Wisely SOLD was the perfect solution and got me £3,000 more!"

2013 BMW 530d M Sport

Sebastian,  SW London

2013 BMW 530d M Sport

SAVED over £2,000 after our fee

"Wisely SOLD take the stress out of selling your car yourself. Handling all aspects of selling with great professionalism and excellent customer service!"

2012 Range Rover Evoque

Michael,  W London

2012 Range Rover Evoque

ACHIEVED £1,400 more than We Buy Any Car

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